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About me...

I've been acting up since the age of 7. I've found my happy place in comedy and clown. I don't mind a 4th wall, but there is so much fun to be had letting your audience in and making them part of your story telling. It's what we do in everyday life, but under some lights. 

I've reached an age where my casting brief is for incontinence devices and bedroom mattresses, but thats ok, work is work.

make my own live work, it's the most satisfying way to make a living and a necessity in todays competitive world.

I have had a previous career as a commercial dancer for TV, film and variety shows. Being a backing dancer behind several 'famous' comedians I honed my skill for the one-liner!

 I am author of 'High Kicks' (The essential guide to working as a dancer A & C Black) and I studied an MA in screen acting at Drama Centre Central St Martins UAL.

I have 2 wonderful kids, 3 loving cats and 1 amazing husband. We chose the rollercoaster life style not the merry-go-round and boy it's been a ride - I'm looking forward to making the loop-the-loop in my 50's! 

Thanks for dropping by.